Our Wealth Management & Financial Planning Services

Paradigm Wealth Management provides the personalized service you should expect from a Registered Investment Advisor. We’re proud to work with clients and their families to simplify and organize their financial matters. Our wealth management services and holistic approach ensure a thoughtful blueprint, best positioning you to achieve your financial goals.

Financial Services Offered

Comprehensive Financial Planning

This is a customized review of your portfolio focused on meeting your needs, such as secure retirement, funding education, or other significant future expenses.

Estate Tax Analysis

Planning an ongoing legacy for your heirs is a key component to any financial plan. Our estate planning experts will review your estate documents, explain the intricacies of the estate tax system and assess the impact of taxes on your wealth transfer goals.

Retirement Distribution Planning

We can help you optimize distributions for your retirement accounts, including strategies for early distributions, modeling how to meet IRS minimum distribution requirements, and advising you on the long-term impact of proper retirement account registrations.

Income Tax Specialists

While we don’t prepare tax returns, we work closely with outside tax advisors to ensure the tax implications of your investment strategy are understood and integrated into your overall wealth management plan.

Employee Stock Option Strategies

We can work with you to develop a multi-year excise strategy for your executive stock options that looks at the impacts of income tax, cash flow and diversification on your plan.

Environmental, Social and Governance

We recognize that with ESG investing, one size does not fit all. We tailor your portfolio to align with your values.

The Paradigm Advantage

  • We place our client’s interest first by providing consultative guidance, unencumbered by ethical conflict, as an SEC Registered fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).Paradigm Wealth Management was named among the top Registered Investment Advisors in 2018.
  • We can coordinate with your other financial service professionals – including estate attorneys and CPAs – to provide a synchronized solution.
  • We collaborate with industry leaders like Fidelity, Betterment, Advent Software and MoneyGuidePro to provide you with a better advisory solution and more analytical transparency.
  • We charge no loads or surrender fees and have no lock-up period on invested assets.

Our Approach

We begin by having in-depth discussions with you in order to learn and understand your financial needs and goals. Once we have agreed upon an Investment Management Agreement, our Investment Advisor Representatives utilize a broad array of products to build a customized portfolio that will support and build your financial future, always ensuring we’re working toward common financial goals through frequent, transparent communication.

Diversification within portfolios across several asset classes using modern portfolio theory concepts – as well as disciplined rebalancing – is critical to our process.

  • Allocation strategies include cash, fixed income, equity and alternative income.
  • Investments used include fixed income securities, equities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and third-party managers.
  • Cost effectiveness, tax efficiency and risk-return trade-offs are key considerations for any chosen investment, not compensation.

We also offer an online comprehensive financial plan that provides informed guidance to realistically reach your objectives and avoid unforeseen risks that threaten your success.